Holiday Styling Guide

Whether you’re a Carolling Carlo, a Travelling Tony or a Hustling Harry - feel your best this winter holidays.

Our stylists have put together a variety of looks that you can wear with confidence.

Say goodbye to 2021 in style!

Carolling Carlo

Carlo loves carolling, but he needs some liquid courage. He’ll show up to tinsel town with a printed leather flask for some extra spirit. Carlo also knows that carolling in December can get really cold, so he’ll bring a matching printed knit beanie to keep warm.

He always practices safe fashion, because, much to his dismay, there is still a pandemic. Carlo won’t leave the house without his reversible 3-ply mask.

Finally, Carlo feels that the holidays are a time for giving. He’ll make sure to bring everything he needs to be charitable in his new printed leather card holder.

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Late Night Luigi 

On Christmas Even, Luigi always puts his best self forward. He wants to reassure grandma he’s doing well, so she can stop worrying about him. He follows 3 easy steps:

  1. Stylishly tuck a 100% silk pocket square in your jacket pocket.
  2. Secure your finest crisp shirt with designer cufflinks
  3. Wear a stretch luxury leather belt so Luigi can eat all the stuffing!

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Travelling Tony

Tony can’t wait to get out of here. He’s been working tirelessly and needs a break. He’ll be jetting off to somewhere warm, where he can go on adventures, relax, and soak up some vitamin D.

He’s responsible, so he’ll bring his reversible 3-ply mask, hand-made from the recycled out-cuttings of 100% silk. With its built-in neck strap, Tony doesn’t have to worry about loosing it, and can focus on keeping his passport, plane ticket and other valuables safe on his journey.

Tony will bring his computer in a stylish leather laptop case so that he can do work - even though we all know he’ll just be watching Netflix. He’ll match this to his leather card holder, for easy swiping on all those souvenirs!

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Morning Marco

Marco eagerly jumps out of bed on Christmas morning to watch the kiddos count how many cookies Santa ate. Marco’s not nervous, because he’s definitely on the nice list this year.

He’ll then brew his morning espresso. Gathering around the tree, he’ll calmly sip his coffee and watch his family unwrap their gifts.

Marco will then get down on the floor, because he’s youthful like that, and pretend to love the hand-made picture frame his 5 year old nephew made him.

Marco's wearing cosy pyjamas! He’ll choose from our signature designs:

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Partying Paolo 

Paolo checked family time off his list, because it’s time to reign in the new year! A classic gentleman with a twist of mischief, you’ll find him sipping whiskey from a printed leather flask to start the night.

He’ll be effortlessly working the room, showing off a show stopping printed leather belt that catches someone’s eye, helping Paolo easily secure his new years kiss early on. Once the ball drops, he’ll loosen his 100% silk tie to pop champagne.

At the end of the night, Paolo will cab home in a 3-ply silk mask. He’ll have packed an extra for someone else, since he’s confident he won’t be leaving alone.

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Hustling Harry 

Harry does it all. Of course he’ll spend time with family and friends. During regularly scheduled down time, however, he’ll be sneaking in an extra meeting or P&L review. Harry might even prepare all his slide decks for January 2022!

He keeps his laptop and necessary files in a sleek printed leather laptop case. His case has enough room to pack a 100% silk tie, so he’s always prepared to jump on a last minute Zoom call. Harry’s case matches his leather card holder, which he uses to buy lattes at the local coffee shop when he needs to get a little work done.

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Happy Holidays!

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