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Milano (NEW)
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Milano (NEW)

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Shell Cordovan Leather is amongst the most rare and highest quality leathers. It is made from the rescued out-cuttings of the subcutaneous layer (or shell) of the hide of a horse's posterior, which is not raised for this purpose. 
A single shell cordovan skin is never long enough to form a seamless belt, so genuine shell cordovan belts are always pieced. This equine leather is uniquely the most non-porous leather known: made from fibrous and flat connective tissue, it is distinguishably soft with a lustrous waxy finish, non-creasing and exceptionally durable. 
  • Width: 35mm
  • Genuine Leather Upper & Lining
  • Polish Silver Finish
  • Choose from 2 colours: Burgundy & Black
  • Made locally to order

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